Want to Sell your Junk Car? We buy them all!

Want to Sell your Junk Car - wrecked car? We buy them all with Sell the cars Florida

To sell your junk car for the highest amount of cash, you should search for the best junkyard in your area. All junk cars, wrecked cars, junk trucks, and totaled vehicles fall into the category of automotive salvage. Sell the Cars offer the best junk car removal services in the country, along with paying maximum cash. We have reputable and environmentally conscious junkyards spread across the country. So by selling your junk car for cash to us, you eliminate the chances of getting paid less. There is no middleman involved as you sell your car for cash directly to the junkyard.

You can easily sell to us the following junk vehicles-

  • Junk Cars: We are experts at buying junk cars ranging from sedans to convertibles. You can sell your junk car for cash to us anytime and from anywhere in the country.
  • Junk Trucks: Have you got a pickup truck or a 4 by 4 truck to sell? Not just junk cars, we also buy trucks that are totaled or wrecked. We are willing to buy junk trucks and pay you a great price and quick pick up from anywhere you wish.
  • Junk SUVs: Just like SUVs running on roads, there are a huge number of SUVs that are no longer roadworthy. These SUVs are the ones that have been in a collision or accident and cannot be driven. If you own an unwanted or wrecked SUV, you can sell it to Sell the Cars very easily.

Want to Sell your Junk Car? We buy them all with Sell the cars Florida


We readily accept junk cars, trucks, and SUVs no matter their make and model or condition. It is very easy to sell your junk car for cash if you choose the right junk car buyers.

Essential Tips on Selling your Junk Car

Your top priority while selling a junk car is to get the maximum cash possible. Since there are different ways to sell a junk car for cash you might get confused while choosing. Sell the Cars is the best choice for many junk car owners.

To sell your junk car to a professional junk car buyer, a few tips might help-

  • No matter the make, model, and condition of your junk car, you can directly call a junk car removal company. To simplify the procedure, you can fill out the online available quote and receive an instant offer.
  • Cleaning your car if it is working condition and a recent model will add to its value. You should also make sure that you remove all the personal valuable belongings from your car. The car once towed away, won’t belong to you.
  • You should get ready with the proof of your car’s ownership. Without the title of ownership proof, it is not ethical to sell your car. The licensed junk car buyers accept cars for cash with the title papers. You will need to hand over the title and the keys at the time of final pick up of your car.
  • If you are selling your car for scrapping or recycling you must remove the license plates. The registration of your junk car needs to be canceled in case of scrapping. You must accomplish the task yourself as the towing agent will only pick up your car.

Taking care of the above tips will eventually save your time and money. To receive exceptional and quick junk car removal services, Get a Quote today.