Is it better to sell your car to the junk yards or to salvage it?

Junk yards

Junk yards differ from a salvage yard in a way that they are willing to buy used cars. If some parts of your vehicle are still in working condition, it’s a bonus for the junkyard. Your vehicle will get dismantled, and its usable parts will be removed. These parts can then either be sold as replacements in other cars. In contrast, salvage yards are only interested in cars that are beyond the scope of repair. They won’t pay you an extra penny for its parts. They are only interested in the metal part of your car and will dump the remaining body. Your choice will depend upon your car’s condition and the amount of effort you wish to put up into the sale.

Tips to earn the best deal for your car

Junk yards

Earning a good deal for your car requires a sincere effort on your part. Since you don’t have any prior experience, you need to be well prepared in advance. Here are few tips you can follow:

Research the market

Knowing about the market price and demands in various locations is essential to target the right buyers. For that, you will have to visit websites that provide relevant information. You can also get free quotations for your car by filling out a form mentioned on the websites. Though the websites will only offer you an approximate price, it will still be helpful for you to set the right selling price.

Do the preparatory work

For prior preparation, make sure you have all the documents with you. These documents include the title, warranty papers, service records, etc. Having these documents comes in handy during negotiations. It puts a good impression on the junkyard buyers, and they readily accept the price you demand from them. Also, make sure that your car is in presentable condition. Do wash it if it’s dirty. You can also apply wax on the surface to add shine.

Meet in person

Junk yards

Once you have communicated on phone or email, ask the junkyard buyer to meet you in person so that you can discuss all the details of the sale. Face-to-face meetings help in better understanding as both parties can know about each other.

Get payment in cash

Cash payments are safest as you don’t have to worry about the buyer’s credentials. The worst-case scenario can be that you receive fake notes, but if you are careful, this won’t happen. Sometimes, the buyers request partial payments and promise to give the remaining amount in installments. However, such promises are only short-lived. The buyers may take some time to complete the payment.

Inform your insurance company

Remember, even if you sell your car to a junkyard buyer, you will still be considered liable for insurance payments unless you inform the company. You need to contact the person concerned and request to cancel your policy. You may have to pay a penalty for that. However, if you buy a new car, you can transfer the policy and save yourself from such payments. Also, contact your local department of motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. This way you won’t be having any liabilities in the future.

How to find a junkyard that buys used cars?


Finding a junkyard to sell your old car is not a difficult task. There will be plenty of them in your neighborhood. Also, you can look for them online as well. Some websites help connect the buyers with the car owners. Visit those websites, and you will find options to set up your profile. Once you have updated your information, including your car details, the interested buyers will contact you with their offers. However, don’t rush into the deal. You need to evaluate the used car dealer carefully before finalizing the deal.

How to check whether a junkyard buyer is credible or not?


The credibility of a junkyard buyer is essential if you are looking to grab a profitable deal! You won’t like to end up trapped with a scammer and lose your hard-earned money. To make sure that the buyer is genuine, you can look out for these points:


Make sure that the used car dealer has a real working permit. You can also ask the buyer to provide proof of identity and see if the company is registered or not.


Right from the moment you start communicating with the buyer, you can make out if the whole negotiation is professional or not. Credible car dealers provide you all the terms and conditions of the sale and respond courteously to your queries.


Check out the shape of the buyers if you are selling online and read their description. Look out for services they are offering besides buying your car. Also, see if the profile looks genuine or not.


Read client reviews that are posted on their website. Experiences shared by the clients may be helpful for you in determining the credibility of the car dealers. See if the buyers are providing free quotations or not? Most of the professional buyers offer price calculations for free.

How to get a profitable deal from salvage yards near me?


To get maximum value for your car from salvage yards, you need to be prepared in advance. For that, you will have to research the market for used car prices. You can visit the website that provides free quotations. All you have to do is provide some information, including the car’s details like make, mileage, model, etc. Also, you may have to mention your location and your contact information.

Once you have an idea about the value of your car, you can then put the selling price in advance. Remember, the buyers tend to negotiate on the price and try their best to lower the amount. You can therefore set the price slightly higher than the market value. This way, you will have a margin to negotiate with the buyers.

Once you have prior communication with the buyers, you will have to arrange for a face-to-face meeting to discuss all the details in person. Also, you can make provisions for a test drive so that the buyer can have a better idea about the condition of your car. Make sure that the area you select is not very crowded so as to avoid any accident.


How much cash can I get for my junk car?

cash for scrap cars

It’s possible to get decent cash for scrap cars if you can find the right buyer. For that, you will have to carry out market research and look out for locations where there is high demand for used cars. You can also explore prices by visiting websites that provide free quotations. They ask you to mention the details of your car, its make, model, mileage, etc. The value of your car depends on multiple factors and also on whom you are selling. For instance, if you are selling your car to a regular buyer, the model and make will significantly impact its price. On the other hand, if you are selling it to companies that buy junk cars, then the weight of the car will be the sole determining factor. Currently, in the US market, junk cars can be sold within the range of 100-500 US dollars. Let’s look at the factors that determine the cash for damaged cars:

Factors affecting the price of junk cars

cash for scrap cars


Your location plays a crucial role in determining the price of your car. Suppose, you are living in a region where the demand for a particular model is high and you wish to sell your car to a regular buyer, then you can expect a great deal on offer. Also, you won’t have any problem finding potential buyers. There will be plenty of them.

Vehicle specification

Older vehicles are heavier as compared to newer models. If you happen to own a vintage car, then you can get top dollar as it will have plenty of metal parts. These metal parts can be sold to salvage yards without any hassles or paperwork.

Car’s condition

Though it’s quite obvious, it is still worth considering. If you manage to keep your car in a good condition, then you can easily convince a buyer to pay a good amount for it. Regular buyers willingly pay cash for scrap cars if they feel that the car is worth driving on the road.

Price of metal

If you are scrapping your car, then most of its value will be determined by the market prices of metal parts. The salvage yard will weigh your car and quote the price as per the scrap value.

Time of the year

Usually, the sales boost up in the month of spring. People rarely move out in winters and therefore you won’t find many buyers during fall. Try to wait for the right time of the year to pitch your offer.

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How to earn good cash for scrap cars?

cash for scrap cars

Remember, earning top dollar for scrap cars is not a big deal. All you need to do is to be informed in advance about the market prices and demand for used cars. It includes prior preparation also. You need to get your documents, especially the title ready as you will need it to transfer the title. The buyer won’t give you your desired price if the documents are missing. Also, talk to multiple buyers, get free online quotes and compare their offers. Shortlist the buyers that seem to be genuine and then start the negotiation process with them.

How to transfer the title of a car?

sell the car

Are you looking for buyers who can pay you cash for junk cars without a title? To sell a car in Florida, you need the title to transfer the ownership. The title is a legal document to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle and hence, it is required to complete the registration process. In case your title was in paper form and you lost or misplaced it, you need to apply for a duplicate one. For that, you will have to fill a form HSMV 822101 and contact the motor vehicle service center with the duplicate title fee.

How does the title transfer take place?

Cash for junk cars

There are two steps involved in transferring the title from the owner to the buyer. The first step requires the owner to renounce his or her ownership and give the signed title to the buyer. This document is then submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicle to complete the transfer process. In some states, you may also have to carry out additional formalities including submission of a bill of sale. If you find the process cumbersome, you can contact a dealer who will complete the paperwork for you. The second step involves the seller cross-checking his or her name written on the new title. In some cases, if the car is purchased on load and it is still to be paid, the process becomes a bit complex. The owner then has to ensure that the transaction is completed after fulfilling the bank liabilities.

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Important steps to take while completing the transfer

cash for junk cars

Submitting the plates

Once the title is transferred, the old license plates become invalid and have to be submitted to the department of the motor vehicle. New plates with fresh registration will be issued to the buyer.

Inspect the vehicle identification number

If you have brought your car outside Florida, then you need to verify your VIN and odometer. Alongside self-verification, you will need the testimony of any one of the following including compliance officer, vehicle dealer, public notary, or enforcement officer.

Note the mileage

Mileage disclosure is a must when you are selling a car in Florida. There is a separate column to fill in the odometer readings at the time of title transfer. Both the parties need to provide their agreement on the document.

Signing the release documents

The owner needs to sign the documents of releasing ownership to the buyer. The notary will then validate your signature and put their seal. You will also have to mention the date and price of the sale.

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What is the cost of transferring your car’s title?

The price of the title transfer may differ among the states. Approximately, you can assume it to be somewhere around $20

How to get cash for junk cars without a title?

Usually, it is mandatory to submit your title before you transfer the ownership. As mentioned earlier, you can request the DMV to issue you a duplicate title. For that, you may also have to verify the vehicle identification number. All this process may cost you a fee, so be prepared for it. Make sure that the title is properly transferred to the owner else you will be still liable for any mishap that happens after the sale.

What are the steps to sell my wrecked car

sell my wrecked car

Many owners have this common question, “How do I sell my wrecked car?”. Being inexperienced in this field, they don’t know where to start with, whom to approach and how to prepare? You may be surprised to know that the process to sell a wrecked car is a lot easier than most people comprehend. All you need is a bit of research and preparation. Let’s find out the important steps to get the best deal for your wrecked car:

Start with market research

sell junk cars

This is your first time learning about the market. Being a first-time owner, you need to know how the market operates. It includes the prices of used cars and types of buyers that are willing to pay for them. You can explore how the car prices vary depending upon the location. Get in touch with companies that provide free quotes for your car. With all this information, it will be easier for you to find the right buyer.

Get your documents ready

Before you even start to negotiate with the buyers, you will have to make sure that you have your title with you. Without the car’s title, you won’t be able to transfer ownership. The buyers are also not interested in taking the risk of putting their cash without proper documentation. In case you have lost your title, you need to contact the local department of the motor vehicle to issue a duplicate one.

Put up an advertisement

sell my wrecked car

Selling your wrecked car online is the best way to reach out to a large number of buyers. Though the traditional way of physically visiting the junkyard shops has its own advantages, considering the busy schedule nowadays, online selling is far more effective and convenient. To put up the ad, you will have to first set up your profile. Explore websites that connect buyers with sellers. Put all your information including the car’s description and your expected amount. The interested buyers will contact you with their offers. The other option is to contact companies that buy used cars online. These companies provide you with a free valuation for your car. You need to mention the make of your car, mileage, model, etc and the experts from the company will revert in some time.

Shortlist genuine buyers

Once you put your ad online, you will be contacted by potential buyers with their offers. The key is not to rush into the deal. Once you receive the offers, be patient and carefully evaluate the buyers. This will protect you from falling into the trap of scammers who may try to dupe you with fake offers.

Accept cash payment

Close the deal with cash payment only. It’s the safest option. Also, you won’t have to wait for check clearance. Online payment is also a good option considering you have carefully assessed the credibility of the buyer.

Get your registration cancelled

Once you close the deal, contact the local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. This way, you won’t be liable for anything that happens to your car in future. Also, ask your insurance company to stop your premiums.

How much will a junkyard give me for my car?

Companies that buy cars

Do you still dread this thought, “How to get the most money from companies that buy cars?”. Are you still getting negative vibes when you consider disposing of your four-wheeler? Well, don’t worry. It’s normal for anyone to have such feelings. Not every day do you take your car to the market and sell it for top dollar. It’s usually once or twice in a lifetime. Besides, it’s difficult to digest the fact that a junk car will be of any value to anyone. You may worry, how much money would you get from companies that buy cars?

Surprisingly, selling a wrecked vehicle to a junkyard shop and getting a good value is a lot easier than disposing of any of your assets. The reason is, a wrecked car is highly valuable to the junkyard owners and they are ready to buy it in any condition.

What do junkyards do with wrecked cars?

sell junk cars

Once the junkyards take your car, they dismantle it and remove the metal parts. These metal parts are then melted and used to make other equipment. The remaining material is disposed of as scrap. If some parts of the car are still in working condition, they are used in other cars as a replacement.

Ensuring credibility of junkyard buyers

sell junk car

Selling a junk car is not a risky affair. You already want to dispose of your car and therefore, whatever money you get from the sale is a bonus. However, that does mean that you become complacent while dealing with the buyers. You need to ensure that they are genuine. Many junkyard buyers don’t bother to provide you with complete details of the sale. If you don’t have solid evidence that you have handed over your car to the buyers, you will still be held responsible for any accident or mishap that happens with your car in future.

It’s better to first go through the profile of the buyers and client reviews before finalizing one.

How to get the most money from companies that buy cars

companies that buy cars

It’s difficult to determine the price of a used car. It depends on multiple factors. For instance, the amount of metal present in your car. If the car majorly comprises metal parts, there is a high chance that you can get a good offer for it.

In case, a few parts of your car are still working, you can negotiate on a higher price. Alternatively, you can dismantle the working parts and sell them separately in the market. The rest of the car can be disposed of as scrap.

How to close the deal with companies that buy cars

Once you reach an agreement with the buyer, ask for cash payment at the time of delivery. Make sure that the entire amount is paid at once. Don’t hand over your car if any amount is pending.

Also, inform your insurance company about the sale. Ask them to stop your future premiums. You will have to get your registration cancelled by contacting the local department of the motor vehicle. This way, you won’t have any liabilities with your car in future.