Selling your Car Fast: Why and How

Selling your car fast can be tricky as you may not find potential buyers quickly. Although, you can easily sell your car for cash to Sell the Cars. We can buy any damaged or wrecked car whether it’s running or not.

Your car may have completed its road journey but you still drive it out of the emotional attachment. This is one strong reason why many people don’t think of selling their cars. However, selling the car for cash is a practical decision one must consider taking soon.

Selling your Car Fast: Why and How - Sell Wrecked Car | Sell The Cars

Why Sell your Car Fast

Do you know nearly all the automobiles need to pass an emission test to get a Warranty of Fitness approval?

The wrecked cars might fail the warrant of fitness due to being dysfunctional. It is very important to obtain a valid warrant of fitness in order to run your car safely on road.

If you still own an older model, it may fail the warranty of fitness due to the following reasons-

  • Wheel Imbalance: The car wheels may face imbalance and make your car unsafe to drive on road. It is largely due to being an older car which has completed its life on the road. A car with unbalanced wheels won’t pass the warranty of fitness test. It’s an indication that the time has arrived when you should sell your wrecked car.
  • Oil Change: Regular oil change on completion of every 5000 miles distance is very crucial to run a vehicle longer. If you are going for a warranty of fitness test then you should not ignore the need to change the oil. The unchanged oil may be contaminated and have a large number of hydrocarbons. The contaminated oil is hazardous for the engine and its efficiency. The older cars carry oil which has not been changed for years thereby affecting the car’s fitness.
  • Check Engine Light turned On: Many times the check engine light gets turned on unnecessarily. Therefore, you tend to ignore the check engine light when it’s indicating some serious problem. It is better to get your car inspected at a repair shop before taking it for the warrant of fitness test. If your car fails the test, you should make up your mind to sell your car for cash immediately.
  • Driving in Wet Weather: You must avoid driving your car more often in wet weather. It is so because with wet tires it would be difficult to pass the warrant of a fitness test for your car. Driving in wet weather puts excessive strain on the engine leading to high emission rates.

Selling your Car Fast - Sell Wrecked Car

How can you Sell your Car Fast

If your car fails the test for the warrant of fitness or you have a wrecked car it is best to sell it fast. Also if your car has ended its life on the road, you should try to get the best price for it from us.

Sell the Cars removes the hassle of searching for potential buyers to sell your wrecked car. No matter whether you have a wrecked car or a junk car parked in your backyard, we will buy it for top dollars.

We can help you sell your car fast for top dollars and within no time. Our mission is to provide quick and fuss-free services to our customers who want to sell their cars for cash.

To enjoy the fastest and easiest way of selling your junk car, fill our Get a Quote online form today. We offer a guaranteed same day pickup and on the spot payment for any junk car anywhere in the USA.

Tips to Sell a Wrecked Car

When you set out to sell a wrecked car, you want to make the most money possible. You might think you can’t sell your car for cash after it has become a wrecked car.

Sell your junk car today

Even if it is a wrecked car, you can sell your car for the maximum cash to Sell the Cars. If your wrecked car is a popular model you can easily get a good amount from it. Even if you own an old wrecked you can still make money out of it.

You can sell any wrecked or damaged car to our junkyard whether it’s running or non-running. What would be a better place than Sell the Cars to sell your car for the best price?

How to Sell a Wrecked Car for the Best Price?

A little bit of effort on your part can get you the maximum cash for your wrecked car. The licensed and authorized junk car buyers like us will make it easier for you to sell your wrecked car. To sell your car for cash you need the title and some good research skills.

If you are skeptical about selling your wrecked car you can follow these simple steps-

  • Search and Contact the Junkyards in your area: The easiest way to locate the junkyards in your area is searching on Google. Extract the contact numbers of junk car buyers enlisted on the first page of the search engine. You can visit the car selling website and know how it works. It is advisable to choose experienced junk car buyers such as Sell the Cars.
  • Receive various offers: Visiting the different junk car buying websites will enable you to receive different offers. In order to receive an instant offer, fill out the online quote form to get various estimates.
  • Compare the Offers and related costs: Once you receive quotations from various junk car buyers you can make a fair comparison. Keep in mind the pickup services provided by the junkyards and whether the services are free or not. If the towing facility is not free it would cost you extra from your own pocket.
  • Prepare your wrecked car for Pick up: Choose the junkyard offering the best deals on selling wrecked cars, make the preparations. Remove any of your personal belongings left in the wrecked car. Also get the title at your hand and the keys and any other important document required. Sell the Cars pickup your wrecked car from the place at a time convenient to you.
  • Get the Verification done: When a representative from the junkyard comes to pick up your wrecked car verification is necessary. The verification includes a thorough inspection of your car and the documents. You should provide genuine information about your wrecked car to get maximum gain.
  • Sell your wrecked car: After the verification is done, you finally sell your wrecked car. You hand over the title and the keys to the representative who has come to tow away your wrecked car. You get the promised cash for your wrecked car on the spot.

Selling your wrecked car for cash is the easiest if you follow the whole procedure step-by-step. Once you receive the amount by selling your car for cash, you can put it to different uses. You can even invest in buying a brand new car after selling your wrecked car.

It’s time to get rid of your wrecked car by selling it for quick cash. Get in touch with Sell the Cars today.

Selling Junk Car for Recycling

When you sell your junk car to a junkyard they will recycle it. Selling junk car for cash is more cost-effective than leaving it untouched.

It is always a better option to sell your junk car instead of spending money on its repairs. The three main reasons to sell your car fast are-

  • You should sell your junk car if its body is deteriorated and some major parts are missing such as tires, transmission etc.
  • You should sell your car fast if you have missing paperwork or registration. There are many junkyards that buy junk cars without title or the registration.
  • If you own a car which is inoperable, it would be considered as a junk car. An inoperable junk car cannot be repaired but there might be many parts functioning properly. The parts that are fully functional can be easily sold for parts either privately or to professional junkyards.

To sell your car fast and still get the best price, Sell the Cars is the perfect place to do so.

What happens after you sell your junk car?

Once you call Sell the Cars to sell your junk car for cash, it will be taken away in a short span of time. Have you ever thought of what happens after you sell your junk car?

In most cases, a junk car is recycled in a junkyard to put it to a better use. The recycling process includes several steps such as-

  • Extracting the fluids: Your junk car may contain a wide variety of fluids such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil etc. If these fluids are exposed to the environment, they can cause a lot of harm to the surroundings. To prevent the negative impact of these fluids on the environment, the recycling process is carried out. If possible, you should drain the fluids in advance.


  • Reselling the pulled parts: Even though you are selling a junk car, there might be parts in it that are functional. The junk car parts in good condition are pulled out for reselling by the junkyard. All your junk cars pulled out parts are properly cleaned and reconditioned to be sold as replacement parts.


  • Recycling of parts: There are various parts in a junk car that need complete recycling. There are many parts that contain harmful substances such as dead batteries and tires. The parts based on their usage are recycled accordingly and sold to a second market.


  • Steel and other metals: Almost 60 percent of the junk car’s weight is of the steel, iron and other metals. It takes a lot of time for iron and steel to decompose thus many necessary steps are taken to recycle these metals. Once the steel is recycled it is used to manufacture the body of new cars. The other metal in junk cars is aluminum used to make some important components of a car. Aluminum is also recycled and used in the production of new cars.

Having an understanding of what happens after you sell your junk car would encourage you to sell it quickly. A large number of junk cars can be recycled in an efficient manner.

Therefore, sell your junk car for cash to Sell the Cars and contribute to protecting our environment.

Know everything about Selling your Wrecked Car

Being your first time, selling your wrecked car may seem to be a daunting task to you. Keeping a wrecked car for long will only cause its value to drop down even further. When you have a wrecked car at hand you want to sell your car fast at the best possible price. You may not know where to begin from and how to sell your car for cash.

Sell the Cars is available night and day to help you sell your wrecked car at the best price. It is all right to be confused about how to sell your wrecked car.

Let’s put it in simple words all you need to know about getting rid of your wrecked car.

Why should you sell your wrecked car?

To figure out the best method of selling your wrecked car you must have some genuine reasons to sell it.

  • If you want to protect your environment from the harmful fluids your wrecked car contains you should sell it.
  • Your wrecked car might be emitting harmful gases which pose a direct threat to you and your family.
  • Some severe accidental damages may have worsened the condition of your wrecked car. When the damages are beyond repair or involve costly repairs it is better to sell your wrecked car.
  • Maybe your car is not beyond repair but some car parts may need replacement. If you own an older model car you may not be able to find the replacement parts in the market.
  • Another strong reason to sell your wrecked car is the loss of its title. Sell the Cars takes care of all the related documents when you sell your wrecked car.

For any queries related to selling your car for cash to us, you can skim through the FAQ section. You will find answers to all your questions thus making it easier for you to sell your wrecked car.

How to sell your wrecked car for quick cash

Once you have taken the decision to sell your wrecked car you should explore the different options.

  • The first thing you think of doing is selling your car for cash to any person interested in buying it. Although you will not find the potential buyers interested in buying a wrecked car from you.
  • Secondly, you can sell the functional parts of your wrecked car separately and make some extra money. The remaining car body can be taken to the scrap yards for scrapping. The scrap yards will pay you for your wrecked car for the current scrap metal prices.
  • The third and the best option is to sell your wrecked car to a junk car removal company in your locality. The junkyards are keen to buy cars that are junk, damaged or wrecked and pay desirable cash to you.

You simply have to pay focus on selling your car fast at a reasonable price. You need not worry about any extra or hidden fees for your wrecked car’s pick-up. We also offer you an added advantage of selling a car in any condition- drivable and non-drivable.

You can sell your wrecked car for cash anywhere in the USA with 400 offices spread across the country.

To begin the process of selling your car for cash, fill our Get a Quote form. Our representative will make the best offer to you.

You can get rid of your wrecked car within a day with Sell the Cars.

The Time to Sell a Junk Car

Selling a junk car is a decision you should take at the earliest. The automobile industry has upgraded the level of manufacturing with the advancement of the technology. The cars manufactured nowadays are far safer than what they used to be 10 years back. The most important aspect you look at when purchasing a car is its safety.


If you own a car that is 10 years older, it is not only considered a junk car but also unsafe to drive. You will take the decision of selling your junk car for cash quickly when you find out how unsafe it is. Sell the cars will make sure you sell your junk car in a safe and secure way.  

Reasons to Sell your Junk Car

Before you sell your car for cash to us it is our responsibility to educate you about how unsafe is your car. Let’s throw some light on the factors that determine how unsafe your car is.

  • The Inaccuracy of the Crash Test: You cannot fully rely on the crash test ratings of any car. It is so because at the time of crash test the cars collide with the vehicle similar to its size. But when you are driving the car on-road you will come across vehicles larger than the size of your car. A smaller car will always get severely damaged if it collides with larger size cars, trucks or SUVs. In olden times there was less number of vehicles on the road which reduced the risk of collision and damage. So if you still have a junk car, never use it for driving in present times as it is not safe. It is better to sell your car for cash instead and buy a new car with the latest safety features.

  • Junk Cars have no weight sensors: Unlike the cars manufactured in present times, your junk car has no weight sensors. The latest cars have sensors that detect the weight of the driver and the passengers in it. The junk cars are not even equipped with airbags to provide safety during unforeseen circumstances.  If your car doesn’t have airbags and weight sensors it is unsafe to take it on long journeys. When you know how unsafe it is, selling your junk car to us is the best option for you.

  • Outdated Car Safety Standards: If your car has outdated or almost no safety standards know that it is a junk car. The automobile safety standards have increased over the past few years. If your car doesn’t meet those standards it is recommended not to drive it furthermore. The safety ratings of the cars vary according to their manufacturing year. So get your hands off that wrecked car as quickly as possible by selling it.  

  • Lacks newer Technology: The new technology has been used to design cars so that they are safe to the drive. The anti-lock braking technology found in newer cars helps you gain control of your car and prevents it from skidding. Similarly, the electronic stability control prevents your car from spinning out. All these technologies are not found in older cars. Your car which has completed almost 10 years of its life will not be considered road-worthy. So before you get into trouble sell your junk car and make some easy cash from it.

Sell your Junk Car to Sell the Cars

The above four reasons are strong enough to get to a conclusion that junk cars are unsafe to drive. The case gets worse when you have a wrecked or damaged car under your possession. We guarantee an offer you will be more than happy to accept.

To sell your junk car within a day, receive your Quote from us. Begin the simple and quick process of selling your junk car for cash today.  

Sell your Wrecked Car Fast and Quick

Selling your wrecked car is a better option than spending a huge amount of money on its repair. Your wrecked car can have serious issues which are very expensive to be fixed time and again. So an option feasible for you is to sell your wrecked car to reputed wrecked car buyers as Sell the Cars. You can make a little earning by selling your car for cash and gain peace of mind.
We are here to help you through every step of selling your wrecked car. We are keenly interested in buying wrecked cars in either running or non-running condition. If you have no idea of how to do away with your wrecked car and also get a fair price call us today. We shall guide you on how you can sell your car for cash quickly and easily.

Sell your Wrecked Car for Instant Cash

The best place to Sell your Wrecked Car Fast and Quick - sellthecars

You may be skeptical about selling your wrecked car to buyers who are unknown to you. We give you a chance to understand our business by skimming through our website. Once you are content with the services that we offer you can fill our online quote.
Our sole purpose is to help you dispose of your wrecked car in a safe and secure manner. We have no problem in taking away wrecked and damaged cars in any condition. Keeping an unwanted car is a real headache for its owner. If you are going through the same trouble of bearing the burden of your wrecked car we will help you.
You might wonder “Why only Sell the Cars?” and not other buyers in the market. We have many answers to this question-
• We are a dependable source to sell your wrecked car by sitting anywhere in the USA.
• We offer incredibly quick service of picking up your wrecked car and paying for it on the same day.
• We offer a free towing facility for any vehicle that you own be it a wrecked car, truck or SUV.
• No matter in what condition your wrecked car is we will pay you what it’s worth for.

How to Sell your Wrecked Car today

Once you visit us and are convinced about our premium quality services you’d want to get it done quickly.
• For your ease and convenience, we have made available “Get a Quote” form online. Provide the required details about you and your wrecked car. You can also call us to get the offer instantly for your wrecked car.
• Next, you will receive an offer based on the details provided by you on call or in the online form. It is no compulsion to accept the offer we make. But we assure you to offer the best price in the industry. You will happily accept our offer – guaranteed.
• As you agree on a price we shall send one of our representatives to close the final deal. You will hand over your wrecked car to him and get your payment immediately. Your wrecked car is towed away the same day.
Selling your wrecked car privately will leave you mentally and physically exhausted in no time. When you have an easy option available in front of you why make it more complicated.
Sell your wrecked car to the best junk car buyers in the USA and take a deep breath. If you need money instantly we are undoubtedly your best bet. When your car has run out of life it is not advisable to spend weeks and months to get rid of it.
Selling your wrecked car is just a click away now.