How to transfer the title of a car?

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Are you looking for buyers who can pay you cash for junk cars without a title? To sell a car in Florida, you need the title to transfer the ownership. The title is a legal document to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle and hence, it is required to complete the registration process. In case your title was in paper form and you lost or misplaced it, you need to apply for a duplicate one. For that, you will have to fill a form HSMV 822101 and contact the motor vehicle service center with the duplicate title fee.

How does the title transfer take place?

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There are two steps involved in transferring the title from the owner to the buyer. The first step requires the owner to renounce his or her ownership and give the signed title to the buyer. This document is then submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicle to complete the transfer process. In some states, you may also have to carry out additional formalities including submission of a bill of sale. If you find the process cumbersome, you can contact a dealer who will complete the paperwork for you. The second step involves the seller cross-checking his or her name written on the new title. In some cases, if the car is purchased on load and it is still to be paid, the process becomes a bit complex. The owner then has to ensure that the transaction is completed after fulfilling the bank liabilities.

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Important steps to take while completing the transfer

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Submitting the plates

Once the title is transferred, the old license plates become invalid and have to be submitted to the department of the motor vehicle. New plates with fresh registration will be issued to the buyer.

Inspect the vehicle identification number

If you have brought your car outside Florida, then you need to verify your VIN and odometer. Alongside self-verification, you will need the testimony of any one of the following including compliance officer, vehicle dealer, public notary, or enforcement officer.

Note the mileage

Mileage disclosure is a must when you are selling a car in Florida. There is a separate column to fill in the odometer readings at the time of title transfer. Both the parties need to provide their agreement on the document.

Signing the release documents

The owner needs to sign the documents of releasing ownership to the buyer. The notary will then validate your signature and put their seal. You will also have to mention the date and price of the sale.

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What is the cost of transferring your car’s title?

The price of the title transfer may differ among the states. Approximately, you can assume it to be somewhere around $20

How to get cash for junk cars without a title?

Usually, it is mandatory to submit your title before you transfer the ownership. As mentioned earlier, you can request the DMV to issue you a duplicate title. For that, you may also have to verify the vehicle identification number. All this process may cost you a fee, so be prepared for it. Make sure that the title is properly transferred to the owner else you will be still liable for any mishap that happens after the sale.