When to Sell Junk Car for Cash

Every year you drive your old car is one more year you don’t need to stress over paying for another one. However, with each turn of the odometer, you’re one mile nearer to enormous repair and support bills. You are better off to sell junk car than bearing heavy bills. It is best to sell the car for cash and buy a new one, then investing unnecessarily in the old car.

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Stage 1. Discover what your wrecked car is worth

Discover how much you can sell the junk car, on any valuation site like Edmunds.com. You’ll be asked some information about the year, make and model of your car, the odometer reading, and the condition it’s in, considering any repairs you’re intending to make. Those sites will give you three potential values for your car.

The one you need to consider is the exchange values, which is the most reduced of the three assessments. This is the sum you can expect when you sell a junk car for cash.

Stage 2. Decide the amount it will cost to keep it out and about

Approach your repairman for a summary of all the:

  • Huge repairs that must be done well now to keep your vehicle running.
  • Extra repairs that can be put off yet should be done throughout the following year.
  • A significant support that will become due in the following year in light of what number of miles are in the car.

This does not refer to oil changes. This is the more expensive work required as vehicles achieve 60,000 to 100,000 miles — everything from changing the transmission liquid and coolant to supplanting exhausted tires, brake cushions and rotors, water pumps, suspension parts and timing belts.

If these numbers are too high you should consider to sell the junk car for cash and not wait for it to become a wrecked car. This is because when you go to sell the wrecked car you get much less value.

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Stage 3. Crunch the numbers

Include the greater part of the repairs and support you’ll have to do throughout the following year, and compare it with the value you’ll get when you sell a junk car for cash. If you’ll need to spend more than the car is worth to keep it out and about for one more year, at that point, it bodes well to sell junk car and buy a new one.

Stage 4. Trust your judgment

If this is still a close call, spend the next couple of weeks evaluating your old car. Think about how well your car runs and drives. If it feels like you’re behind the wheel of a rattletrap that’s getting ready to fall apart, then it probably is. Break the tie by saving your money on repairs and replacing your ride. Follow a simple rule of thumb: Monthly payments shouldn’t exceed 8% of your gross monthly income. If that’s $3,000, then your payments should be no more than $240 a month.

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