How to sell a junk car for cash easily?

How to sell a junk car for cash easily | Sellthecars - Junk car buyers

Selling wrecked car is usually a big headache for the owner as it is difficult to convince the buyer to buy it at a reasonable value. Most of the junk car buyers know that you are desperate to sell junk car for cash and take advantage of your situation. You need to be having proper knowledge regarding the prices of junk cars and must check the credibility of potential buyers. If any of your acquaintances have recently sold their wrecked car, do ask them to share their experience. For a smooth and hassle free transaction, you just need to follow simple tips.

  1. Ensure the title of the vehicle: Potential buyers are always looking for owner’s title to check their credibility. Absence of a title can turn off the buyers. If you have lost your title, then you can contact your local department of motor vehicle for replacement.
  2. Determine the actual worth of your wrecked car:It is worth spending time researching the value of your car before you start your negotiations with the buyers. You can ask your acquaintances who have recently sold their wrecked car.
  3. Try to get quotations offline or online:You need to contact multiple buyers to get the best quote for your wrecked car. You can ask your nearest junk car buyers or get quotes online by posting your ad.
  4. Finalize your decision to sell junk car: If you are not getting good quotations, you can hold your transaction back. However, you must set a deadline for selling as it is not advisable to keep a junk car in your garage.
  5. Offer them to test drive your car: If you feel that your car is still in working condition, then you can offer the buyer a test drive. If they feel that car components are working properly, they might offer you a higher price.

Preparations before you finalize your deal

  1. Get your paperwork ready: To crack a good deal you need to be prepared in advance with all your paperwork to have a smooth negotiation. The documents include the car’s title, service and maintenance records, registration, etc. Once the deal is finalized, it is always frustrating to find essential documents missing.
  2. Set an offer price: First you need to research the market price of wrecked cars and then offer a price slightly higher as a buffer for a discount. However, do not offer very high price otherwise you will lose potential buyers.
  3. Try for car curb appeal: Before you show your car to a buyer, clean it properly by vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and apply wax for polishing. This will create a good impression on the buyer and would ease the negotiation process.
  4. Create online ads: To reach out a large number of potential buyers you need to post an online advertisement on websites describing the specification of your wrecked car including mileage, model and year of production. You can also upload pictures of your car to attract buyers.
  5. Screen callers: It is better to create a separate email or get a new number to provide it to the buyers so that after the car is sold, you are not bothered by unnecessary calls. You must also be ready to share information about your car when asked to do so.
  6. Set a safe test drive:Arrange a test drive in advance at a safe place which is most crowded. Also, take someone along with you for support. Before you give your car for a test drive, do check the driving license of the buyer. Also, sign an agreement on any damage caused by accident during a test drive.
  7. Finalize the deal: Once you have negotiated on the price, finalize the transaction by asking the buyer to pay you the cash agreed upon. Do not accept any installments or delayed payments. If you are accepting a cheque, ensure that the bank details are correct to avoid a case of bounce.
How to sell a junk car for cash easily | Sellthecars - Best Junk car buyers

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How to find the best buyers to sell junk cars for cash?

Find the best buyers to sell junk cars for cash, wrecked car | Sellthecars in Florida

People who buy junk cars are more ethical in the transaction than people in other businesses. You don’t have to worry much as you have nothing to lose. Your car has already been rotting in your garage and it’s only getting worse every day. However, you still have to plan in advance if you want to sell cars for cash.All you need to do is research online regarding prices of junk cars, get multiple quotes and become an informed seller. Although the buyers are more transparent, there is still the presence of frauds and scammers. You must have knowledge of common tactics used by them to fool the sellers. You must have legitimate questions prepared in advance to ask the buyers for confirming their credibility. To ensure that you end up with an ethical transaction, follow these simple tips.

Find the best buyers to sell junk cars for cash, Sell wrecked car | Sellthecars in Florida

Top seven tips to ensure that you have selected the right buyers

  1. Finding online presence: The process to sell junk cars for cash has never been so easy, with the advent of the internet where you can easily look for potential buyers. Most of the buyers have listed their information online, and it is easy to evaluate their credibility by skimming through their website. You can also compare different buyers with their quotes which would help you in selecting the most profitable option.
  2. Asking for the license: Obtaining a license is a must for junk car buyers to run their business. Potential buyers have multiple branches spread across the city and all you need to do is to ask them for their license. This is an effective method to check their credibility as a genuine buyer will happily show their license while a scammer will hesitate to do so.
  3. Knowing car’s worth evaluation procedure: You can ask the junk buyers how they evaluate the value of your car. Ask them specific variables that they take into account for estimation. You can also search for prices of junk cars online or ask experts in this field. When you will have a thorough understanding of your car’s value, you will be in a better position to negotiate.
  4. Inquire about pick up services: Most of junk car buyers offer pick up and towing services, but you must still ensure it to avoid any kind of confusion afterward. You must also ask whether they charge for the service or is it free. You can compare the towing services of different buyers and select the ones offering it for free.
  5. Avoid any kind of incentives: Many buyers tend to offer you false incentives by lowering the selling price of your car. Beware of any such offers and opt for the ones who are only interested in buying your car for good cash.
  6. Choose the right payment method: Always opt for a cash payment from junk car buyers and that before you hand over them all your documents. Do not accept any offer of payment in installments or delayed payments. If you do not take cash from them at the time of the transaction, it becomes very difficult to track them afterward. In case they are offering check, do ensure their credentials to avoid any kind of bounce.
  7. Ensure unchanged contract: Authorized and ethical junk car buyers always pay you the exact money that they have promised in the contract. Some frauds try to negotiate on the price at the time of payment. Do not accept their demand for any kind of discount or rebate that was not mentioned before.

You just need to keep in mind the above-mentioned points and you won’t have any issues while trying to sell cars for cash.

Find the best buyers to sell junk cars for cash, wrecked car | Sellthecars in Florida

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