Top tips to sell junk car for cash

sell junk car

Do you want to sell junk car for cash? Are you looking for some expert tips? Well, this blog will provide you with all the relevant information.

The process to sell a junk car is simple. You don’t have to be an expert to crack a profitable deal.

All you have to do is follow all the steps recommended by experts. Let’s see all of them in detail:

sell junk car

Start with researching the market

Before you even enter into a negotiation with the junkyard buyers, you need to be fully prepared. Do you need to know what is the best place to sell junk cars?

Whether it is second-hand buyers? Or junkyard shops? Or professional dealers?

Who will pay you maximum value for your car? Who is easier to approach? Which option is safer?

Answers to all these questions will help you in getting the right deal.

Also, you need to know the market value of your car. For that, you can look up relevant websites.

They offer quotations for free. You only have to add a little description of your car and they will provide you with an approximate value.

Prepare for negotiation

You need to get everything ready before you start communicating with the buyers.

If you are well prepared in advance, you will find it easier to negotiate. The preparation includes the following:

Preparing your car

You need to get your car in presentable condition, especially if you are selling it second-hand. A simple wash may help.

All you need is to remove the dust. Also, check for repair requirements. If minor repairs are required like adjusting the panels, inflating the tires, etc, then get them done.

Though it may cost you a bit, it will help you earn a good deal.

Preparing your documents

Get your documents ready, especially the title. You will need it while transferring the ownership.

Many people ask, “Can I sell wrecked cars without a title?” Well, you can’t transfer the owners like that.

If you have lost or misplaced your title, you will have to contact your local department of the motor vehicle.

Ask them to issue you a duplicate title.

Setting up selling price

Junkyard buyers are highly experienced and may try to manipulate you. Negotiations may not be easy.

You can, therefore, put the selling price slightly higher than the market price. This way, you have a margin to play with.

Evaluate the buyers and their offers

When you put your ad online, you will get plenty of offers from potential buyers. You may be tempted to lock the deal early on.

However, it’s not recommended. You need to be patient. Many offers will come your way.

Start with reading out the description on the buyer’s website. Then go through the client reviews.

This will provide you with a fair idea of the buyer’s credibility.

Also, match the offers with the market price. Try to shortlist the ones which are closer to the actual value.

Finally, lock the offer which seems to be most genuine and profitable.

Sell car for cash online

An old car is like liability and the owner probably feels the frustration of seeing it lying useless in the garage. Not only has it created a nuisance for the owner, but also for other people living nearby. The best solution in such a case is to get rid of your old car. It might have been difficult to sell it some years back. But with the advent of information technology, it is quite easier and convenient to sell wrecked car. Not only you are able to reach out to a large number of potential buyers, but you are better able to evaluate the credibility of the buyers and their quotations. There certain points that you need to consider if you intend to sell wrecked car online.

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Things you need to consider while listing your car online

  1. Dealing with potential buyers: It is quite probable that you may be approached with buyers whom you have met for the first time and negotiate with them on the price of the car. They will try to put their best efforts in order to convince you for a lower price. However, if you have done proper planning, you will be in a better position to negotiate.
  2. Unpredictable time of sale: Since you would be approached by buyers having different schedules, you might have to communicate with them at odd times. Moreover, it would be difficult for you to predict the time of sale in such a scenario.
  3. Posting fees: There are certain websites which charge you to sell car for cash online. These are usually premium websites and might help communicate with buyers willing to give you profitable offers.
  4. Working with buyers online: You must be well versed with communication on online portals as you may have to spend a lot of time negotiating through emails and chats. You will also have to contact local tow companies as after the transaction is finalized, they will make sure that your car is transported safely to the buyer’s location.
  5. Instant sale: Sometimes the buyers are not very much interested in having a thorough look at your car and want to finalize the deal quickly. It is important to post attractive and descriptive advertisements to reach out to such buyers. It is quite easy and convenient to sell junk car for cash online.
  6. Towing fees: Most of the junk car buyers do not charge any fees for towing your car to the buyer. Make sure that you ask for free towing service before finalizing the deal.
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Ways to sell junk car for cash online for top dollars

  1. Get an estimate for the value of your car: It is very important for you to get an approximate idea about the price of your car. It will help you in evaluating the quotations offered by potential buyers and negotiating in the final price of the car.
  2. Sell your car to a buyer who is located at a place where there is more demand: There is a high probability that you may get a better price for your car if you are selling it to a buyer who is located in the high demand area. Such buyers also tend to create less fuss during negotiation since they are more concerned is quickly finalizing the deal.
  3. Sell wrecked car during summer or spring season: Spring and summer seasons are perfect for driving, so most of the buyers are interested in purchasing used cars during this time.

If you want to sell car for cash whether it is running or not then is right here to help you. They specialize in buying all types of cars and trucks and have 400 offices throughout the USA to help you get the best price for your vehicle.

Best ways to deal with a wrecked car

Best ways to deal with a wrecked car - Sell car for cash | Sellthecars

It can be highly devastating to see your car wrecked in an accident. You don’t have any choice but to say a final goodbye to it and replace it with a new one. Since the accident might have occurred suddenly, you might have been shaken up and lost. But you must not get worried about it. There are many ways through which you can sell a wrecked car. First, you should ask some agency to get your car ‘Totaled’. It is always helpful to get a ‘Totaled’ quote as insurance companies use it in case your wrecked car needs to be fixed. 

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Four ways to get away with your wrecked car

  1. Taking the insurance check: It is advisable to opt for an insurance check if your car has total coverage. In such a case, you can get the money offered by the insurance carrier. The insurance providers calculate an estimate of the car’s value before the accident and will provide you with a check equal to that amount. They may deduct some amount if applicable. However, you must always do some research regarding the value of your car before you accept the offer from the insurance provider. One such source is CarGurus Instant Market Value calculator which helps to give a proper estimation of the value of your car. If you feel that the insurance company is not offering you a fair value for your car, you can opt for a third-party to help you in better negotiation. While dealing with a third-party appraiser, you must make sure that that there is a large discrepancy in the value offered by the insurance provider and the actual value of your car or else you will end up paying the appraiser even if you are not able to finalize a profitable deal. Once the deal is finalized, you will need to transfer your car’s title to the insurance provider. It must be noted that if you have opted for a car loan prior to the deal, you will be the one responsible for paying it off.
  2. Selling it as a salvage car: In case you haven’t opted for full coverage for a totaled car, you can consider selling it to a junkyard shop as salvage. In this way, you can earn more money than you would in case of an insurance check. To start with, you would require a salvage certificate from a local motor vehicle agency. You will then need to contact dealers or junkyards who are interested in buying wrecked cars. In case you have opted for junkyards, you must always consider the costs of towing the car and disposal of non-metal parts. Some of the junkyard owners offer free towing services while some may charge you premium rates for carrying away your car. After the deal with the dealer or junkyard owner is finalized, you will be required to transfer your salvage certificate to the buyer.
  3. Paying for the repairs on your own: If the damages are not severe, you can always consider getting your wrecked car repaired instead of selling it to a buyer. While deciding to get your wrecked car repaired, you will need to consider three important factors including the initial value of your car, the number of deductibles and repair cost.
  4. Donating it to a charitable institution: If you don’t want to sell your car for cash, you can opt for giving it away as a gift to a charitable trust or organization. This process requires some time and effort to research, but it will always do a lot of good to you. Not only you will get a tax deduction, but also peace of mind as you will be helping someone in need. 
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Sell junk cars for top Dollar

Hurry up! Sell junk cars for top Dollar - Sell wrecked car | Sellthecars

Seeing a junk car lying useless in your garage can always be frustrating and you always want to get rid of it as soon as possible. It can be a real headache if you wish to sell your junk car for cash especially if don’t have any prior experience. However, the process is not as complicated as it seems, and if you follow certain guidelines, you will be able to carry out a smooth and profitable transaction. You will need to do a little bit of research regarding the prices of junk cars by searching it online or asking an expert. You will also need to identify potential buyers including used-car dealers and junkyard shops. You will then have to narrow down potential buyers by properly scanning and evaluating their profiles and quotations. Once you have finalized the buyer, you will have to prepare all your documents including the title of your car. In case you are selling your car to a junkyard shop, you might need to drive your car all the way to the shop. Some of the shops offer to pick up services for free while others charge a premium for that. 

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For obtaining a better idea of your car and estimating its correct value, you will have to understand the classification of vehicles and the right definition of a junk car. There are four major types of cars:

  1. Older models: These comprise of the cars that are around 10 to 20 years old. So, the car models manufactured between 1999 and 2009 would be considered older in the year 2019. These models are usually of less value than other ones.  All you can do is to capitalize on the weight of their metallic parts.
  2. Late models: The models which are less than 10 years old come under this category. So, all the cars manufactured after 2009 would be considered late models. These types of cars are very valuable, especially the ones which are 4-6 years old. They have upgraded parts which further increase their value.
  3. Niche cars: These include cars intended to serve a particular purpose such as Vans, Vipers and other high-end vehicles. They have a specific market in which they are considered valuable.
  4. Junkers: The models which are more than 20 years old and have nothing unique about their design come under this category. It is very difficult to sell them for top dollar. The only way is selling them off to a junkyard shop.

Various buyer options a seller has while selling junk car 

After identifying the model type, the next thing is to consider possible buying options which will earn you good value for your car. 

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  1. Insurance companies: In case your car has met with a massive collision or accident, repairing it is not the right option for you. The insurance companies are always interested in wrecked cars as they will further sell it to some other source and earn a good amount of money.
  2. Salvage vehicle auctions: You can sell a car for cash to potential buyers through intermediaries. These transactions can be done through salvage vehicle auctions. However, this method has its pros and cons. It is quite possible that you may end up with a highly profitable deal from a potential buyer. But, on the same hand, you will have to bear all the expenses of setting up the auction event. Moreover, you might also get duped by middlemen who earn the extra money that you could get from the buyers.
  3. U-pull it salvages yards: They are the best option to sell a junk car. They drain all the fluids, dismantle all the parts of the car and sell them separately. They are highly interested in the weight of your car. If you wish to earn more money, you can yourself dismantle the parts of your car and sell them to end users. 
  4. Full-service salvage yards: The best advantage about them is that they are the end users without any inference of middlemen. It is very easy to sell a junk car for them. They buy your car to recycle its parts and then sell it, other buyers. The difference between them and U-pull it salvages yards is that they also offer services of cleaning and removing of car parts. They are also reliable and they have good inventory processes targeting specific customers.

If you are planning to sell your junk car for cash in the US then there is no better place than The company specializes in buying all cars and trucks. It is a nationwide company and therefore the company is easy to approach by the customers in any state. Moreover, the company is able to pay its customers the most money for any make and model.