Can I sell junk cars without a title?

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Yes, it’s possible to sell junk cars without a title. Many times, people lose or misplace their car titles. In that case, you can show your VIN. You can find it on the dashboard, beneath the driver’s window. In some cars, you can locate it inside the driver’s door also. If you can’t find it printed in your car, look out for your insurance or registration papers. They contain your VIN.

The buyer will then verify it by cross-checking with the local department of the motor vehicle. Some buyers may be willing to buy your car if they find your VIN genuine. However, they may settle for a lesser amount due to a lack of paperwork.

You can also apply for a new title. Visit your local department of motor vehicle site and fill out the application form. A representative from the department will verify your details. They will charge you a fee for renewing.

Where to contact for a duplicate title?

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Before you go to sell wrecked cars without a title, explore all your possibilities. You can look out for two options:


If you have bought your car on a loan, and you are still paying the installments, then your bank will have all the details. You can request your bank to transfer the title directly to the buyer.

Department of motor vehicle

DMV can provide you with a duplicate title for your car. They have all the records and can retrieve them easily. You may have to submit a formal application and wait for some time.

How to sell a wrecked car without a title?

Can’t find your title? Don’t worry. There are still few options you can explore. The process to sell wrecked cars is slightly different from a regular one. The majority of the states have strict regulations and they won’t allow the sale without the papers. However, in some states, there is relaxation. Also, you can find few buyers who are willing to buy your car without its title. For that, you will have to explore potential buyers and negotiate with them at your desired price.

How do you find buyers to sell junk cars without a title?

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It’s possible to sell junk cars without a title. You can find many potential buyers. Here’s what you can do:

Explore reputed buyers near your locality

To start with, search online for a list of local junkyard buyers. Go through their profile and see if they have mentioned that they buy cars without the title. You can also make a call and ask them about the same. It may require some effort, but you will be able to find a prospective buyer.

Inquire about the process to sell wrecked car without title

Either the buyers mention the process on their website, or they will tell you once you contact them. They will let you know the documents you may need to submit in place of your title.

Follow all the recommended steps

The process to sell junk cars without a title can be confusing. Carefully read all the steps mentioned and follow them as recommended.

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