Is it better to sell your car to the junk yards or to salvage it?

Junk yards

Junk yards differ from a salvage yard in a way that they are willing to buy used cars. If some parts of your vehicle are still in working condition, it’s a bonus for the junkyard. Your vehicle will get dismantled, and its usable parts will be removed. These parts can then either be sold as […]

How to find a junkyard that buys used cars?


Finding a junkyard to sell your old car is not a difficult task. There will be plenty of them in your neighborhood. Also, you can look for them online as well. Some websites help connect the buyers with the car owners. Visit those websites, and you will find options to set up your profile. Once […]

How much cash can I get for my junk car?

cash for scrap cars

It’s possible to get decent cash for scrap cars if you can find the right buyer. For that, you will have to carry out market research and look out for locations where there is high demand for used cars. You can also explore prices by visiting websites that provide free quotations. They ask you to […]

How to transfer the title of a car?

sell the car

Are you looking for buyers who can pay you cash for junk cars without a title? To sell a car in Florida, you need the title to transfer the ownership. The title is a legal document to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle and hence, it is required to complete the registration […]

What are the steps to sell my wrecked car

sell my wrecked car

Many owners have this common question, “How do I sell my wrecked car?”. Being inexperienced in this field, they don’t know where to start with, whom to approach and how to prepare? You may be surprised to know that the process to sell a wrecked car is a lot easier than most people comprehend. All […]

How much will a junkyard give me for my car?

Companies that buy cars

Do you still dread this thought, “How to get the most money from companies that buy cars?”. Are you still getting negative vibes when you consider disposing of your four-wheeler? Well, don’t worry. It’s normal for anyone to have such feelings. Not every day do you take your car to the market and sell it […]