Sell junk car fast through an online junk car buying company

Sell junk car fast through an online junk car buying company- Sellthecars

Are you worried about your junk car lying useless in your garage? Do you feel it is the right time to part way with it? If yes, then you should consider selling it online to a junkyard company. It may seem to be difficult at the start, but the process is a lot easier if you do proper research and analysis. For communicating with an online company, you will have to put up an advertisement mentioning all the details of your car including its make, model, mileage, service records, etc. You will also need to upload good quality pictures covering all the angles and spots. The process of selling a car for cash online is not complicated and can be smoothly completed by undertaking certain steps.

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Steps to sell a junk car online

  1. Obtain the second opinion from an experienced mechanic: Since most of the owners do not have prior experience to sell a junk car for cash, it is always beneficial to take suggestions from an experienced mechanic. It will help the owner understand the condition of the car and what price can be demanded.
  2. Secure the car title: This is the most important document of all. Most of the buyers are not even ready to negotiate until they receive the title. It represents the ownership of the car. If the title is lost, a replacement can be obtained by contacting the local department of a motor vehicle.
  3. Find out the make and model of your car: If your car is very old, it is difficult to remember its make and model. But it is very important to keep a track of it as most of the buyers are interested in knowing the specifications in detail.
  4. Research online for a local junkyard: If there are local junkyards available near your home, you can search them online for checking their authenticity. Credible junkyards maintain transparency in sharing their information regarding their businesses.
  5. Post an online advertisement: To sell a junk car online, you need to make an account describing all the details of your car including its complete specifications. While doing so, make sure you have clearly mentioned all the details maintaining transparency. Not disclosing complete information might result in confusion afterward.
  6. Secure the right offer: Don’t try to rush while selling your junk car. Always try to get multiple quotes from potential buyers. This will provide you options to choose from. This process involves time and effort, but it will help you obtain top dollar for your car.
  7. Read all the required paperwork: Before you agree to hand over your car to the buyer, make sure that you have read all the documents thoroughly. Each and every document must be signed by the respective parties in order to avoid any confusion in the future.
  8. Closing the deal: After you have transferred your car to the buyer, make sure that they provide you the cash on the spot and in full amount. Never accept any offer of a partial payment from the buyer.
Sell junk car fast, wrecked cars - Sellthecars - Local Junkyads

Why selling the junk car to a company online is safer than selling it to an individual online?

Most of the companies register online have their description listed on their websites. In addition, there are customer reviews available. On the other hand, there is no method to verify the credibility of individual buyers. They can be credible or experienced scammers. Selling your car online also helps you communicate with multiple buyers. This helps in choosing the companies which seem to be credible and transparent.

If you are planning to sell a car for cash and want a reliable place where you can sell your junk car fast then is the best place for you. The company specializes in buying cars and trucks in any condition. Do visit the website today!

What is a wrecked car?

Things companies do after buying wrecked car for cash | Sell The Cars - sell car for cash

A wrecked car is a vehicle that has sustained significant damage, although not to the extent of a total loss. Did you have a car accident and now wondering what to do with your wrecked car? Thinking whether it is time to get rid of your car! Do not take this decision lightly. There are a lot of points to be taken into perspective before selling your car

-the amount of damage resulting from the car accident

-the cost of repairing your wrecked car

-the actual value of your wrecked car

-how much your pocket allows you to repair it.

Sell junk car for cash - What is a wrecked car | Sell car for cash, Damaged car | Sell The Cars, FL

Once a damaged car, always a damaged car

If you had a head to head collision and your car is completely damaged and defaced, it is not beneficial to repair it, because the problems keep continuing even after significant repairs. In this case, it is better to sell your wrecked car at a good price.

What is my car’s worth?

The truth is that fixing a wrecked car isn’t the best decision to make. Older cars are not cheaper to fix, nor are those repairs worth the money spent. Sometimes you end up spending more money than the actual cost of the car.

Saying goodbye to your car

Saying goodbye to your car is sometimes good. Mostly after a road traffic accident, the car is almost completely damaged and the stress of repairing and insurance adds to much more stress. Selling your wrecked car to a buyer is also not very easy and nobody wants to pay good money for a damaged car. You can pay out of your pocket for your wrecked car damage, but car parts and repairs are not cheap. In the end, it is usually not worth it. So by selling your vehicle, you get the relief you want without having to make any additional efforts.   

How much can I sell my wrecked car for?

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How can you sell wrecked cars near you?

The best place to sell a car is a place that eases your process for a guaranteed, tension- free experience.

What is a wrecked car | Sell car for cash, Damaged car | Sell The Cars, FL

Sell the car– Pickup and Pay for your vehicle.

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Things companies do after buying wrecked car for cash

Things companies do after buying wrecked car for cash | Sell The Cars - sell car for cash

Time and again you may have heard about companies buying junk cars. Around the year many wrecked car owners sell car for cash. However, you may have wondered what these companies do with these junk cars which seem to be useless to us. No matter how bad is the condition of the car, it is still worth enough to be bought for a reasonable amount of money. There are many ways in which junk car buyers utilize used cars:

  1. Rebuilding the wrecked car: Some of the junkyard buyers rebuild the old wrecked car by utilizing its usable parts such as frame and customizing the rest of it. If the frame of the car is severely damaged, then some repair work including denting and painting makes it usable.
  2. Dismantling and selling car parts separately: Sometimes the car as a whole is not in a running condition and it would cost a lot in repairing the damages. In such a situation, junkyard buyers dismantle the parts that are still working and sell them separately. The parts are also used for customizing another junk car which requires custom parts.
  3. Recycling leftover parts of the car: This is last resort for the junkyard buyer if neither the car nor its parts are of any use. There are a variety of materials including aluminium and steel that constitute the body and parts of the car. These materials are heavy and can be melted in order to reshape into new parts.
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In what ways wrecked car can be recycled

You would be glad to know that if you sell wrecked car then your useless car can be recycled into something new, adding to a great value to it. As per the auto recycling statistics, the cars that you own today can be a source of recycled products of tomorrow. The data suggests that around 80% of the wrecked cars can be recycled into something new. Here are some of the facts relating to the recycling of cars:

  1. The international automobile recycling industry is approximately 75 years old.
  2. The industry is dominated by small units each employing around 10 workers.
  3. Around 25 million tons of materials are recycled from wrecked car parts annually.
  4. Of all the recycled products around the world, automobiles are the most popular among the customers.
  5. The car recycling industry is one of the major industries in the USA employing more than 100,000 people. The industry contributes heavily to the national GDP to approximately $25 billion.
  6. A number of cars recycled in the USA exceed 12 million. Recycling of used cars in USA and Canada produce approximately 13 million new cars.
  7. Europe alone recycles approximately 8 million used cars.
  8. In North America, the recycling industry is able to save approximately 85 million barrels of oil which would have been consumed for making new auto parts. Moreover, the industry contributes around 40% to the metal scrap industry. Approximately 37% of ferrous parts are supplied to blast furnaces and smelters in the USA.
  9. Approximately 14 million tons of steel is derived from automobile recycling industry with each car contributing about 25% of its body weight. Around 27 million cars are recycled after they reach the end of their lives.
  10. Non-metallic parts such as rubber of a junk car are also useful as they can be recycled into tires.
Sell car for cash & Wrecked car for cash | Sell The Cars - sell wrecked car

The aforementioned facts give a clear indication of the dynamic and vibrant nature of the automobile recycling industry and how much it contributes to the economic growth and employment globally.

If you are planning to sell car for cash, do visit and experience a quick and safe selling process. The company has 400 offices in the USA and specialize in buying all types of cars and trucks. It is the only national company which has 30 years of experience in this field. It is a bonded, insured and A+ rated company.

Sell junk car: A step towards saving the environment

Sell junk car for cash - What is a wrecked car | Sell car for cash, Damaged car | Sell The Cars, FL

Emissions from cars account for a significant volume of environmental pollution. Even the cars that are not in running condition and rotting in the dumping yards or garage lead to pollution. So, the junk car owners must not carry a false notion that their car is not harming the environment. Their lack of mobility does not mean they don’t have any harmful impact. Hence, it is highly recommended that they must be disposed-off quickly. There are many companies which are willing to buy junk cars without creating much fuss regarding its make and model.

Sell junk car - A step towards saving the environment - Sell The Cars - Wrecked Car

Top reasons to sell junk car for cash

Junk cars are a liability for the owner and nuisance to the environment. They have numerous harmful impacts on our immediate surroundings. Here are some of the top reasons to sell car for cash.

  1. Fluid leakage: As the pipes of the junk car deteriorate over time, they develop small cracks and leakages. This results in fluids present in the tank making their way to the ground. These fluids include coolant, brake fluids, engine oil, lubrication oils, etc. These liquids are absorbed by surrounding soils which further seep through the ground and reach the water supplies thereby polluting them.
  2. Harmful chemicals: The junk cars also release harmful chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons which cause ozone layer depletion. To prevent leakage, junk cars must be sold as soon as possible.
  3. Leftover fluids: Even if the owner has emptied the entire engine and other fluid tanks, some leftover fluid still remain in the car and may negatively impact wild animals. These chemicals affect the ecosystem and contaminate it, which is responsible for badly affecting the animals.
  4. Non- biodegradable materials: Another reason to dispose of junk cars is that they are non-biodegradable due to the presence of materials such as rubber and plastic. These materials react to heat and stick to the ground and contaminate it by releasing harmful chemicals.

If you sell junk car for cash, you are not only relieving yourself from a burden but also contributing to environmental conservation and integrity through improving the quality of air, land, and water.

Sell junk car - A step towards saving the environment - Sell The Cars Florida

Best ways to sell junk car

In order to sell junk car for cash, you need to contact a junkyard shop and ask them to get rid of your car for cash. These junkyard shops offer you free pick up services and provide you instant cash. You will need to contact them through phone or visit their website for getting the quote for your junk car. You must provide all the required information to the buyer including overall description which would cover specifications, mileage, service records, etc. The advantage of selling to junkyard owner is that they are willing to buy the junk car in any condition without compromising with the offered price. They don’t even worry if the car is wrecked, broken down or is not in running condition. Once the deal is finalized, the junkyard owner will come to your place to inspect your car. You need to get your car cleaned to give a good impression to the client. You must also have all the required documents ready including title, registration, service and repair records, etc. If you have lost your title, then you can contact your local department of a motor vehicle for replacement. If you feel that some of the parts of your junk car are still in good condition, you can dismantle them and sell them separately.

If you are planning to sell car for cash, then is the best place for you. Here you can get an instant online quote for your car. The seller after getting the quote can discuss the price for the car with the company’s personality. The company takes no towing charges which are a huge plus point. Also, the seller gets paid once the car is picked up by the company. The company has 400 offices all over the USA, so wherever you’re junk car is in the USA it will be definitely near “sell the cars” office.