Wrecked cars: Things we can do with them

Things we can do with Wrecked cars - Sell car for cash | Sellthecars

If your car gets a significant amount of damage through an accident then your car is now in the wrecked car category. If the thought to sell wrecked car comes to your mind then there are three major things which one needs to analyze. These are the amount of damage faced by the car, the cost to repair this damage and the value of the wrecked car. These factors help in deciding the car owner whether it is profitable to sell the wrecked car or not.

Here are the various options for dealing with wrecked cars:

Things we can do with Wrecked cars - Sell car for cash - Sell wrecked car | Sellthecars

  1. If it is declared totaled then take the money from an insurer-If the car is insured and an accident happens to lead to car damage, then the insurance company will calculate the amount of money the car requires for repair. If the repair amount is more than the actual cost of the car then the client receives money from the company and the car is declared as totaled. The level of damage at which the company declares a car totaled might change from place to place. Sometimes an old car with little damages cost more than the cost of the car.
  2. Take or tow your car to an auto repair shop and get it repaired– If you think that you do not need to sell car for cash and it can be used again with some repair, then do not file the claim. This is a good option if you realize that the money you will get from the insurer against your claim will not be sufficient enough to help you buy something new and more reliable than what you have.
  3. Sell your wrecked car to a junkyard or to a car buying company or dealership– In case you think that buying a new car by selling your wrecked car for cash is a better option, then there are numerous ways to do this. You can contact a junkyard or a car buying company or dealership which is licensed and offers top dollar for junk or wrecked car.
  4. Keep the car without spending money on its repair– If there is only superficial damage in your car, which does not bother you much and is not affecting the functionality of the car, then you can keep your car without repair.
  5. Donate the car for charityLastly, if you think that giving the car in charity will not affect your pocket then go ahead and contact a donation service in your state.

Things we can do with Wrecked cars - Sell car for cash in Florida | Sellthecars

How the status of a car title can tell the car’s history?

The car title is a legal document issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle which tells the owner of the car. In this document things about the car like the make, model and year are present. It also has the name and address of the title owner. Along with these details, the car title also tells about the history of the car according to the category in which it falls. There are four different types of car titles. These are: clean, clear, salvage and rebuilt title. A clean title indicates that the car is free from the damages which are significant enough and has never been declared totaled. Clear title confirms that the car undisputedly belongs to its owner. A salvage title declares that the car cannot be driven or sold with the condition it is in. Lastly rebuilt title is given to a car which has been declared salvage and is now reconstructed and repaired.

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Process to sell wrecked car that has been totaled

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A wrecked car that has been damaged significantly so much that it is pointless to get it repaired then it is declared as totaled. In other words, its repair cost comes out to be a lot more than its actual cost.  Whosoever experience this mishap might want to sell their wrecked car as soon as possible. Selling a totaled car is not easy at all as it requires a certain amount of knowledge about the state rules and laws to sell it. This helps in keeping the seller away from legal conflicts. One can easily sell car for cash today as there are many car buying companies which not only buy cars in any condition but also guide you about the right process to do it.

Process to sell wrecked car that has been totaled - sell car for cash | Sellthecars, FL

Here we are to help you understand the right process to sell your totaled vehicle.

  1. First of all the seller should have a clear idea that the wrecked car they own is a totaled vehicle. To have solid proof about whether the car is totaled or not, ask your insurance company to send someone who can inspect your car and declare if it can be regarded as totaled or not. Totaled is the term which is generally used by the insurance companies, this title tells that the repair cost of the car is quite higher than its actual cost.
  2. Once the car is declared totaled by the insurer, then it can be sold to the insurance company also. Once the owner receives the money for the car from the insurance company for selling it to them, then the company has full right to do whatever they want to do with the salvage car. The insurer pays the car owner and now the salvage car completely belongs to the company.
  3. Get a salvage certificate from the motor vehicle department for the old car title. Once declared as salvage the car will remain salvage, no matter how many repairs it goes through.
  4. Now you can sell your car to any car buying dealerships who buy totaled cars. You can also sell your car to a third party. However, it is difficult to sell totaled car to a third party because of its increased insurance price. If you do not succeed in selling the car to any of them then you always have an option to scrap your car or donate it.

Process to sell wrecked car that has been totaled - Sell car for cash in Florida | Sellthecars

Best way to keep totaled cars

You have a wrecked car with damage exceeding seventy percent, then your car comes in the totaled category. Sometimes the car can be considered as a total loss for damage below seventy percent also. This totally depends on the insurance company threshold and the state laws. If you feel that some amount of repair can make wonders, and your car can be again a normal car, then you can try to convince the insurer for the same. For this purpose, you just need to have proper evidence to reprieve your car. If you are very much attached to your car and you fail to prove yourself right, then also you can keep your car with yourself. The insurer will give its client the necessary amount for the car after deducting the amount due to the company and also the amount for which the car could be sold to a junkyard. Keeping a totaled car is not an issue unless you are fully sure that it is safe to drive it. Sometimes all the damage in the vehicle are not visible and it requires time and money to keep a badly damaged car back on the track. If you are still ready to bear this pain then do get your totaled car insured for at least the minimum coverage you can get.

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