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We go to the extra mile to make it easier to get rid of that unwanted vehicle, so if you’re wondering “Sell my car fast?”, the answer is YES selling it to us! Many times, when people are involved in a car accident or their car has been damaged due to some reason, or it’s just too old like a junk, they think that the only option they have with their now wrecked car is to have the insurance company get an estimate of the damage and give cover the cost of repairing the wrecked car. Many people don’t realize that this, while a common option in dealing with a wrecked car, is NOT the only option. Having your insurance company cover the cost of repairing your wrecked car or truck is NOT the only option. Now, instead of being forced to drive a previously wrecked car that has been repaired, people have the option to sell wrecked car and still claim the insurance check from their insurance company! What does this mean? You can take the insurance check and the check from selling your wrecked car and go to the car dealership to buy a brand-new car! Doesn’t that ease your mind a little?

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At Sell the Cars we specialize in buying damaged and wrecked cars and trucks from people just like you who have recently been involved in an accident or there has been damaged for some or is just sitting as a junk in the garage. We know that the thought of driving around in a previously wrecked car can be overwhelming and depressing, not to mention the mechanical issues and value lost over the remaining life of your previously wrecked vehicle. That is why we offer the option for people to sell wrecked cars to us and allow us.

Unlike a traditional “We buy wrecked Cars” company, we don’t buy cars for a couple of hundred dollars to junk them. We work with new or modern vehicles that have been wrecked and help the owners sell their wrecked car and get a check for the value of their wrecked car, along with a check from their insurance company.

Sell Wrecked Car - Best Place to Sell Damaged & Junk Cars | Sellthecars


We will not only buy your wrecked car but also tow it away for you for free. We provide free pickup service that we buy and pay you on the spot. We offer top dollars for your wrecked car. You won’t get a better quote than us from anywhere else. We operate all around the USA so there’s no issue which city or state you belong to. Just sit and relax and contact us on our number or you can visit our website. Fill the “get a quote” form and you will get the best quote from us. Your work is done. When we agree on a price for your vehicle, an appointment will be scheduled for the pickup and we will come to your location, tow the vehicle away for free with cash in hand on the spot. You won’t get a sweeter deal than this anywhere else. So why wait, pick up your phone or visit our website our, contact us and get rid of that unwanted wrecked car that has been uselessly occupying space as a junk in your garage.

Protecting your Car from becoming a Wrecked Car

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A wrecked car standing in your driveway can really get on your nerves if you do not sell it at the earliest. The topic of discussion always revolves around selling a wrecked car. A car usually turns into a wreck after it has met a severe accident or collision. The repair bills of a wrecked car can cost heavily on your pockets. So the better option left with you is to sell your wrecked car and make some money. Sell the Cars help wrecked car owners to sell their running or non-running vehicle for a decent amount.

Protecting your Car from becoming a Wrecked Car, Damaged car | SellthecarsThere are ways you can keep your car in a good running condition and save it from becoming a wrecked car. Even if you plan to sell your car in later years, you are assured of receiving a good price for it.  Although, Sell the Cars readily accept cars that are wrecked or damaged, but a running car can get you even more money.

Tips to Keep your Car at its Best

Some simple and day-to-day activities of yours can affect the condition and functionality of your car. It is mostly the negligence of car owners that lead to the poor condition of their cars.

You can surely make your car run longer and not turn into a wrecked car if you do the following-

  • Keeping the Car Clean: The simplest thing to do is keeping your car exterior and interior clean. You can easily take out time to clean and wash your car on Sunday’s. Your car is an extension of your own personality so why not make it shine brightly. Regular cleaning and washing will make sure your car remains rust and dust-free. Even if you plan to sell your car, a clean car would attract more potential buyers.
  • Regular Service and Maintenance Checks: Taking your car to the service station for regular maintenance checks is the best preventive measure. The inspection done at regular intervals ensures that your car is in a functioning well. The regular service schedules are useful in the long-run as they can save plenty of money. By getting your car serviced, you avoid any potential problems that can occur in the future.

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  • Visiting a Mechanic if you detect a Problem: It is true that car service schedules are fixed at regular intervals. In the meantime, if you detect any minor mechanical problem in your car, visit a mechanic. A local mechanic can detect the problem and fix it before it turns into a major one. If you sense any fluid leakage or problem with the brakes, immediately run to the nearest mechanic shop.
  • Sorting out Dents and Smashes Immediately: Minor accidents can leave dents and smashes on your car. You should never ignore the minor repairs such as dents and scratches on your car. It is best to get the repairs done as soon as possible and also check for unseen damages. There are many auto repair shops you can take your wrecked car to.

If you have a badly damaged car and you are not willing to drive it any further, sell it to us. We guarantee the best price for your wrecked car without any extra charges for towing it away.

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Choose to Sell a Car for Cash

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Selling a car for cash has become easier with so many professional junk car removal services in the USA. Earlier, finding a reliable junk car buyer to sell a junk car was intricate. Thus, many people never thought of getting rid of their old clunkers and let them get rusted. Nowadays, keeping a junk car is hard due to the negative effects it has on the immediate surroundings. Above everything, selling a junk car is a smart way to make some money which can be put to a better use.

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Sell the Cars is an online junk car removal company assisting junk car owners to sell their car for cash. Yes, we can help you sell your car fast and make instant money.

How to Sell a Car for Maximum Cash

If you have a car that has more rust than functional parts, undoubtedly it is a junk car. A car that has spent more time in a repair shop than your garage, it needs to be sold off. The best possible action you can take is to sell your junk car at the earliest. The more you delay in selling your car, the less cash you ought to receive on it.

The next thing to hover is where to sell your car for maximum cash. You will find many local junkyards in your area you can look up to. As a general rule of thumb, you would call different junkyards to get multiple quotes. But how to decide which one is offering the best price for your junk car?

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It is hard to trust one when various junkyards are making offers and each is telling a different story. We have, therefore, mapped out a simple guide to help you in this aspect. Once you know the worth of your junk car yourself, you can take a better decision.

Here’s what you can do to sell your car for the maximum cash-

  • Calculating the Value of your Junk Car through KBB: The first thing to get the worth of your junk car is visiting the Kelly Blue Book website. KBB is an online used car value calculator which can determine the worth of your junk car. You need to provide the exact condition of your vehicle and get an estimated worth. The KBB calculates the value of vehicles based on the condition classified on the website. If your car is in the worst condition it might be difficult for the KBB to give an accurate estimate.
  • Getting Estimates from Local Junkyards: The next step you can take is contacting local junkyards and get an estimated price for your junk car. The local junkyards will inspect your car’s condition and then make an offer. The price offered by local junkyards is always lower than your expectations. Also, you have to either tow the vehicle yourself or arrange for a towing truck to drop the junk car.
  • Contact a Junk Car Removal Business with Nationwide Repute: The best deal that you can get to sell your car for cash is to contact Sell the Cars. We offer the best junk car removal services in Florida. You can trust us to sell your car for the best price with a free pick-up and instant cash policy. All you need to make available is the title of ownership and the keys of your junk car to make the transaction easier.

To sell your car for maximum cash, request the free quote today.